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PostSubject: Bronzehammer   Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:15 pm

Bronzehammer is a god that came later than many others. He coalesced from wisps of power, and is more than a little out of place due to his late coming. He holds domain over Craftsmenship, the depths of Edora, with a mild power over stone and the mountains, and a tendency to cause trouble in his pursuit for power and a place amongst the other gods. The Craftsmaster hopes to gain for himself a tribe that will worship him. To this end he is shaping a large island in the middle of the great ocean, and has dubbed it The Grand Isle. Only time will tell if Bronzehammer can find his place and domain.

His form is of a giant with skin of gleaming bronze, and and belt of tools hanging from his waist, and a leather apron covering his chest. His body is seen by mortals as the same as they posses, but of great physical strength, and with the aforementioned features of bronze skin, toolbelt and apron
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